Frederick University (FU)

Frederick University is one of the five recognised private Universities operating in the Republic of Cyprus. It is an energetic and vibrant university, enjoying respect and recognition both nationally and internationally. The research initiatives and activities that are being carried out by its faculty, place the University among the most successful organizations in Cyprus with respect to the level of financial support received for projects from external sources through competitive national and European programs, including LLP, LIFE, FP7, H2020, ERASMUS+ and from Regional Funds. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Informatics has the highest contribution to the research and development activities of the Frederick University both at the national and European level.

FU participates in this project with the Mobile Devices Laboratory, an integral part of the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Informatics. MDL focuses its scientific research on Web and Mobile Computing, Big Data Management and Multi-Objective Optimisation methods that exploit Cloud technologies for engineering Smart Systems. The emphasis is on Ubiquitous Computing, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Mobile and Natural Interaction Devices, including system on chip, sensors and actuators, for the development of smart and cloud-enabled systems. MDL also applies ICT technologies for the design and development of web platforms, software tools and mobile applications for solving education and societal challenges. In specific, MDL develops smart and personalised ICT-based environments for e-learning, educational training and addressing societal challenges for sustainable development.