About BCT4SMEs project

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The problem:

The modern economy is driven in large part by technology, with digital advancements opening up all kinds of new avenues for business. But these advancements often require significant know-how and money to implement, something that not all businesses have. Bigger enterprises, certainly, have been able to obtain the expertise and the resources to equip their operations with the latest developments, but with SMEs, this has not universally been the case. Often enough, SMEs may be missing out on potential growth or security by being unable to implement or afford a given technology, making it more difficult for them to compete. 

The solution:

BCT4SMEs is a project seeking to help SMEs catch up with any technological or digital advances that they may have missed by providing a personalised learning tool. This tool will be widely accessible online, and will be able, based on a user’s response to a series of questions, identify potential actions that this user could take based on the needs and capacities that can be inferred from their responses. In this way, and through an additional system of achievement and recognition, the project hopes to help SMEs empower themselves and reach greater growth and success. 

Project objectives:

The project has the following objectives:

  • To identify ways SMEs could use innovative technologies to improve their business and overcome barriers and problems
  • To develop a course that caters to these problems and offers action-based, practical options to solve them
  • To develop a Blockchain Implementation Assistant that can effectively personalise the course, offering users specific actions based on their needs
  • To create a community of practice for SMEs and other stakeholders through a virtual Academy that can be used to share knowledge, practices, and the project results themselves